My name is George Magakis. I am a graphic designer from Greece working for local marketplace since 2000. At 2010 I made my first upload to dreamstime image bank. Since then I keep making designs for internet marketplaces such as -  fotolia - zazzle - cafepress - graphicriver

You can take a quick look of my work by clicking the links below:






    Beside the designing action I have a parallel life as an athlete. I was a boxing fighter at the age of 20, then spend a decade working out just to keep myself fit. At the age of 34 I had this idea getting involved in a sport that would give me again the joy of competitions, without having to deal with coaches or exaggerating training programs. I found shot put very convenient and so I started training approximately 2-3 days a week, no coach, using the help of internet articles and u-tube videos.

   I competed for the first time at the age of 36 and since then I keep participating in many events. Now I am competing at masters 40-44 division having really good results at national level track and field events...so, to finish with, you will find many designs here about the throwing sport.